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Evening all, First post so be gentle :rolleyes: I am looking to buy the new Fiesta Titanium 1.6 TDCI. I mainly do motorway driving, averageing 18000 miles a year. I would like to know from you guys and girls two things.

1.Is the car noisy. IE road noise and engine noise?

2. Not having bought a new car since 03. Is a 1.6 new superior to a 1.6 back then? IE will the Fiesta be happy doing 70MPH, 80 miles a day or will it be too much for the engine! and maybe I should be looking at a different model car? :blink:

Sorry if the second question sounds silly, but heyho :P

Thanks for the forthcoming comments.

Great site by the way


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Spawn, Welcome! Not stupid questions really.

1. Not really, i only do about 20 miles per day on a motorway but it certainly isn't noisy for me. I recently done 200 miles motorway and was impressed how much quieter than my old 1.4 petrol fiesta was. Just be careful when you replace the tyres, check it out carefully!

2. 1.6 engines in a small car like the fiesta are in my opinion a good mate, yes it is not a Ferrari but for the price and the features in such a small car it outdoes its bigger brother (focus) I am happy with the 1.6 as it can do motorway and town equally as well.

What i will say is do not expect the ford fuel figures, on a constant motorway drive (60mph) i got around 66mpg so you should be looking around 62-63.

What i love about the fiesta is how it is loaded with kit as standard, bluetooth, ipod, tinted windows, tinting mirror, cruise control, eatc.

For a similar VW polo spec its at least 2k more.

And also remember fuel aint getting any cheaper so the smaller car will be laughing at the idiots who brought their 3 litres mercedes shortly!

As my car is basically what you are looking for feel free to ask me any questions!

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I do 140 miles each day in my 1.6tdci, (100 motorway). It's fine for speed and noise is ok - it is a small car so it's noisier then a focus.

Interesting I was getting 67mpg (driving 60mph on motorway). However since fitting a tuning box at the weekend and using millers I now get 74mpg.

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