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Mk7 Door Handle Trim Removal


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As the title says I am trying to get the silver trim off the front door handle, but failing badly !!

I don't want to damage it by poking away, but cannot work out if it clips on or what ? I did do a quick search but couldn't find nowt


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It's clipped in. I took mine off last week when I painted it. Just need something flat to prise open the gap.

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Done it, I was just being over cautious :rolleyes:

I wanted to take it off for almost the same reason, on my car the trim is just sprayed silver so I have sprayed them with lacquer. I don't like the bright silver look of the Zetec ones, but mine look great now.

If any one is looking to change the colour of their trim, have a look at the trim of the lower models as they will be much easier to prep for spraying.

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