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MK3 Fiesta Battery Issue

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Hello guys. I'm new to the forum, but I figure if anybody would know, you guys will.

I bought a new car! Good times.

The battery has gone. Bad times.

It's an M-reg (96) Ford Fiesta. The battery terminals are *not* like this:


But I can't remember what they're called to find a picture.

Instead, the battery terminals have a whole in which you put a bolt through, slip the cables over and then bolt it on with a 10mm bolt.

It has four cables. One giant red (positive) one. The other three I'm not so sure about. Stupidly, when I took the original battery out, I forgot which one goes on which. I *thought* just the red one on the positive and the other three on the negative. However, when I do it like that, I get nothing. No lights on the dashboard. No clock. Nothing what so ever. Turning the key does nada.

So, short of ordering a Haynes manual and waiting for it to arrive, I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this car so I can get the new battery in ASAP.

I've checked the new battery at the shop which I bought it from and it is definitely working. But in my car... nothing.

Any ideas please?

Car is:

Ford Fiesta 1.1 petrol with 5-doors on an M-reg plate. I think it is called a Mark '3.5'.

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I'm kinda hopin you've sorte this out by now but anybody else who has been confused by the same thin there is 1 positive *thick* red lead and 1 negative *thicker than the other 2* black lead and then the two extras which should b connected one to each of the battery terminals generally (as they are on my car) theyre normally taped to the other leads which they should go on the terminal with nut if not theyre normally color coded too, failing this try each one on each terminal (careful not to short anything or blow fuses tho!!) i hope this helps.


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