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Car getting worse day by day since big service.

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Hi all,

i new enough to driving, but hav had a couple of cars(that sounds worse than it is, i swear), i got my 1st ford bout month ago, 2 weeks ago i got it serviced and ended up getting new brakes(pads and disks) a new C.V Joint, wheel bearings, as well as the usual service stuff, Now the thing is, i was just getting it serviced to be precautious, I got it cheap and i have my kids in it at weekends, so i done it for peace of mind mainly. but the thing is , ever since i got it serviced, it is hard work driving it, the gear changes are not as smooth as they were, it sounds like its revving up a lot when taking off, and from first to second i really have to hover around the clutch, it aint cut out, but feels like it might.

anybody have any experiene of this type of hing? basically, it feels like i am driving different car since i got what i thought was a nice tune up.

and another major question i have which has me baffled, and "might" have something to do with the above when putting air in the tyres, i am going by the manual and putting 35 p.s.i in the front and 26 p.s.i in the back, now from my ezperiene with other cars thias sounds off, but who am i to disagree with the owners manual.

Oh and a "probably"(hopefully) un-related thing ,about a week ago i was driving home from work, doing about 80kmph(the limit i may add) and luckily it was a quiet time, because there ws no-one around me and all i hear is BANG, my back windscreen is all shattered and has a hole in it about half the size of a football, same shape too, now i had got the heater on a bit high, may have been my fault, but an expensive lesson, cost 180euro to get a fella to come out to work next day to replace it.

anyway, sorry for the long post, its just a run of luck i having:(

any help greatly appreciated lads and ladies.

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