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Please Help! Strange Multimeter Readings?!

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Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me.

I;ve got a Ford Puma which has the age old heater problem (constantly blowing hot air) so I think it may be the HCV.

However I took off the electrical connector and applied a multimeter to test - when i used the chassis as a ground i got just under 12v (11.79) which was constant when i turned the heater from midway to cold. Out of interest I tried with the heater on hot and put the negative into the connector (this connector is just the two wires) and got a reading of around 3v.

Does this sound right? I'm not too familiar with multimeters so may have had the wrong setting or something?!

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I cant remember what the meter readings should be, but the problem is normally the solenoid getting stuck in the HCV.

I suggest that when connected to both the positive and negative feed, there should be a significant difference in reading hot and cold.

If not, the only other problem, will be the heater control panel, which is attached to the rear of the heater control knob. I had to replace the one on our Puma when we had one. I had tried two HCV's, before I realised what the problem was.

Good luck

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Thanks for the reply - I have tried another HCV (though admittedly this was second hand off another car) and also another heater control panel with no change. I don't really see how it can be the HCV if those meter readings are coming out so strange - perhaps its a wiring issue? Possibly expensive?! :(

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