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Where Is The Power Steering Bottle?

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i have the mk8 fiesta, and have noticed oil under my car, all other oil levels are fine, but when i came to check the power steering level, there is not one under the bonnet, and no sign of it in the manual either. does anyone know where i can find it so i can check if its leaking?

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Hi Ben, not sure where the fluid bottle is mate but if you dip a finger in the oil on your drive that'll tell you if it's p/steering oil cos it'll be red (assuming your car's not automatic), on another note, if you can tell which is your p/steering pump (usually at the front of the engine at the belt end) then follow the pipes one off them will lead back to the p/steering fluid bottle.

Hope this helps.

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From a conversation I remember having previously, apparently its under the headlamp assembly. I will try and dig out the thread!...


... aha - here we are -

Seems to be same year - potentially same car as yours - so hope it helps!

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