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fiesta battery problems

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hey guys

my fresta zetec s is having problems. 3 days ago the battery went flat, jumpstarted it no problems for the next 2 days left it for about 20 hours flat again bumpstarted it this time. currently at work ive just been onto the digital battery display and its was going up and down from 12.(4-6). when the guy came out to jump start it he checked the altenator and said it was fine. so im guessing it the battery but my car is a 56 and just under 2 years old so its hard for me to belive its the battery?? so just out of interest how can i check if somethings draining it? ill be checking the battery reading again throughout the night and seeing if it drops and trying to catch it before it drops to 12.0 IF it does. im guessing it will.with it being about 12.5-6 im guessing that shows the battery is charging?? so does that rule out a battery problem?


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what i would do first is disconnect the negative terminal and listen for anything shutting off,it could be a knackered relay causing an open circuit(see watching discovery turbo does teach you something :lol: ) that is still putting power through to something causing a drain.

if that doesn't show any problems,is the car thatcham alarmed,if so that could cause a drain and also remember the cold temperatures can also hit a battery(something i found out from my last motorbike...alarm+cold=dead battery)

hope that helps you bud :)

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with every accessory switch on you should expect around 13.8 volts from the alternator.

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