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2006 Galaxy 1.8Tdci Clutch Pedal Problem...


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Hi everyone, am looking for some help regarding the clutch pedal on a 56 plate TDCi Galaxy 1.8 TDCi, my friend was driving along as normal and went to change down a gear to overtake someone and when she pressed the clutch the pedal went to the floor and stayed there !

When you lift the pedal back up it stays up but has zero resistance and stays on the floor when you push it down.

Had a quick look the other night when it happened and there are no signs of any fluid leak from the master cylinder a the pedal or the slave cylinder at the gearbox, also no signs of any fluid leak coming out the botton of the box through the bellhousing.

The actuating rod in the master cylinder appears to be working but there is no feel in the pedal at all, wondered if there is anything that breaks or goes wrong with the master cylinder as to me it feels like something is not quite right with it !!

Any help would be greatly appreciated folks.



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will the gearstick still select when the clutch is depressed? have you checked the clutch pedal return spring?,ford have a problem with these breaking

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