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Ford Fiesta X Pack ........ Or Not!!

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I have just ordered (last Saturday 25 June) a new Fiesta Titanium 1.4 in Frozen White.

I am fortunate that as my car is being built around 19 July I will benefit from the recently announced revisions, which I appreciate.

Ford Fiesta 2012 Spec

However, there is one small thing that really grates at me, and that is the unwillingness of Ford to allow the purchase of the Titanium X Pack with anything other than the 1.6.

I have 20 and 18 year old sons who I need to insure on this car, and I can just about aford the group 9, but there is no chance of me insuring them on a group 14!

There must be a reason, and my bet is it is a financial one to get you to cough up the extra £600 for the 1.6, and for me that is not the issue, it's the extra £4600 for the insurance that I have issue with.

Has anyone else come across this issue? Is there a way to get around it?

I am thinking of writing to Ford directly, but I feel it will fall on deaf ears!!

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