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Ford Fiesta Mk4 Upgrades

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I have owned my ford fiesta mk4 for about a year now and have decided I want to make some changes/upgrades to it. I want to start with the suspension but im unsure on whether to get a coilover kit or just a suspension kit.

what do people suggest?


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Hi there,

Good choice on looking at the suspension first! The more speed you can carry through a bend, the lass you need to make up on the other side, plus I haven't seen a car that didn't look better after lowering (to a point).

I suggest having a think about what you are going to use the car for. Ultimately coilovers tend to be more geared towards performance, and therefore sacrifice a little comfort.

The 'Bargain Basement' coilovers that you see on eBay are getting more and more bad reviews these days, so it is definitely worth spending a little more on your suspension, rather than having to change it all again before its been on long.

Another thing to look for is that most kits are designed and tested on real roads, rather than immaculate tarmac, after all that is where you will be using the car 99% of the time.

After all that, click on the link in my signature to see a company that does all of the above. Plus we are giving £100 off the RRP on all our coilover kits, either direct, or through your favourite local distributor.

If you have any questions then fire away!

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