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Airbag Light

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Just recently, I have been getting an Airbag light on. The light flashes once and then nine times before coming permanent, i understand from previous comments that this would indicate a fault with the passenger airbag, however I have checked the wiring to the module and this all appears in order and I cannot understand why this should just develope a fault. Does anybody have any ideas?

My car is due for an MOT in October, I believe this is a failure, is this true?

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Have just read on another forum that it will be a tested item from Jan 1st 2012. My Escort had this problem, MOT last May, but it was only an advisory. (Fixed by disconnecting yellow connections , under the driver and passenger seat for 2 minutes with the ignition off, then reconnecting.)

This is from another thread :- "This happened to my \'97 Mondeo. When I asked my local Ford garage about it, the said that this sometimes happens when the contacts get dirty. They suggested disconnecting, cleaning and reconnecting the cable under the driver and/or passenger seats".

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To be honest, today i have had the seat up on the drivers side as the mechanism that operates the electric raising and lowering of the seat stopped working, so today, i have had a look at the mechanism and there are a couple of teeth broken off the cog inside!!

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