Modifying My Mk6 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec

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Hello, I have just bought an '03 fiesta mk6 1.4 zetec which I'm planning to modifying, so any ideas to improve the performance would be appreciated! Ideally I would love a 1.6 zetec s :D

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My baby :D

Are you looking for styling mods or just performance mods,

i love these Click Here and Here would go nicely with the silver body.

as id recommend getting it de-tangoed would look alot smoother mate B)

performance parts can be found here European Parts or Puma Build

other than those e-bay is good. and Mountune Performance.

First stop for styling would be DMB Click Here and getting it de-tangoed Click Here

and id Jump at this offer for performance these are a must Click Here Samco Hose Kit

also check my link below for spraying the rear view mirror a nuce suttle mod.

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Thanks for the tips and superb links Lenny! I think il de-tango it first then, I also liked the samco hose kit and the DMB graphics!! I am looking to improve both looks & performance but it seems il have to spend a small fortune to gain little extra bhp, so I'm wondering if its worth looking around for a 1.6 zetec s :/

Thanks again

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