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Galaxy Gremlins

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Having owned an 04 1.9 tdi for several problem free years I took the plunge and bought an 07 1.8tdci zetec expecting similar standards and performance. I have had the car for 3-4 months now and had no end of problems. All my problems are intermittent and minor but very annoying and I am hoping that by posting here some of you may have solutions as I have trawled the internet unsuccessfully and been to a garage who have said that I need to take it in while the problem is occurring which is really difficult.

My problems so far:

Only one of the twin horns working

Parking sensors occassionally not coming on and the button flashing

Interior lights not coming on when doors are opened/key removed from ignition

Engine system malfunction message and limp mode kicking in when starting (turning off and on again fixes this)

Engine stalling when depressing clutch as I slow down leading to no power steering at speed!

Stuttering when accelerating hard when engine is cold (like cracked ht leads)

Engine rough in 6th gear (gear stick vibration / wind flapping sound?)

Bearing/road noise from rear wheels

Car pulls to the left slightly

Vibration through steering (like tyres are flat)

Poor fuel economy (37mpg compared to 44mpg in my old Galaxy)

Alarm flashes lights but does not sound horn (left movement sensor) - right sensor fails to do anything but cause the information light to flash on the dash?????

All of these are occassional (some more occassional than others) and seem to occur more often when the weather is wet (not good in the UK). I have been advised to clean the MAF to resolve the running issues but the garage say that is a waste of time / replacement is better (of course they would).

If anyone has experience of these before I would appreciate some help - I like my cars to be just right and look after them but this amount of problems is too much and I am seriously thinking of ditching this and buying something else if I can't fix them soon.

Thanks for any responses.

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