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05 2Ltdci Cooling Fan Check?


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Can any body help me with checking to see if my Rad/air con condensor fan works I have put a direct supply from the battery to the plug but it does not start. How ever there is another wire in the plug which is smaller diameter, according to the haynes manual this is a signal wire, is this to tell it to switch on or for something else?

Regards Steve

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turning on the A/C should start the fan running before long. another way is to disconnect the coolant temp sensor, this would put the car into a 'safe mode' and would run the fan constantly.

Thanks for your reply, its the air con that I am having problems with, disconnected the temp sensor plug, fan did not run, checked haynes manual again there seems to be no relay for it just a 50 amp fuse which is ok.

Looks like it will be a new fan.

Thanks again, Steve

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Update on fan/air con problem.

Brought a new fan from ford got home plugged it in with out fitting it directly to the car, switched on air con, fan did not start! So put a supply directly to the + and - of the new fan from the cars battery fan started, put supply directly to existing fan and it started, this did not happen before.

Disconnected temp sensor fan did not start neither did the new fan put every thing back to normal.

Just to double check put supply back onto new and existing fan from car battery and got nothing ARRRRRRRHHH !!!

What is going on can any one advise please.

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