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Accident Damaged Ford


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Hi all and thanks for looking at my post

i bought a ford a while back from a salvage dealer. the car did not look all that bad with only front of car work to be done.

i kind of took it too a backyard mechanic and he kind of ruined my fiesta :(

I have built up the motivation to try and get this baby up and running as i really like the fiesta's. i have only one problem... the car has been stripped in the front and dash and i really have no idea what is missing or what goes where. i spent the past weekend puzzling the parts together (found loads of broken bits) and i am still lost to what is needed. i have asked surrounding mechanics for their input but they say i must sell it as is to a scrap yard, but i really really do not want too as i know there is hope. i have posted some pics of the car and would like to know if anyone could help in letting me know if i could get hold of a diagram of the dashboard setup or assembly or if anyone could assist in telling me all the parts that go with the dash board. any help would be greatly appreciated :) (i am a south african citizen if that helps)

this is how i got it back :(




i did lay out what i found inside car but alot still seems missing




thanks again for all future help :)





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wow what a job,far too much info needed for a forum post, all i can suggest is getting a haynes workshop book or something,the main problem is if the chassis or anything else is miss aligned,have you got the engine for the car so it can use the same ecu? even the simple things like bolts and screws will be a nightmare trying to work out which goes where, what it will cost in parts,body panels and time ect it may be cheaper to abandon the project.

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to have stripped it down to the extent of removing the dashboard and with how much you have had to strip the front of the car then you have to add up how much the car cost you and how much it's going to cost for all the bits needed and is it going to be cost worthy in the end.

Big job on your hands there.

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Ford E-Cat would help you locate parts and assembly configurations,

as it has diagrams of the car and all parts numbers prices etc. B)

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I'm with Lenny, the Ford parts software would help you locate what you need. Looking at the pictures though, you have the majority of it. You need to get either a Haynes manual or the Ford parts system, it would make it easier. I guess you could put everything back together in a logical order and see what's missing, but it will be so much more time consuming.

As everyone else said too, it certainly looks like one big job and would need a LOT of work! But where there's a will there's a way (I guess that's the right expression to use :P).


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thanks guys :) ya alot of time and motivation is needed. im getting friends who cant wait to help so that will be a good start. the guides will be great to have. thanks lenny for assisting. will post more updates to my progress. this is a project i have to take on :)

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thanks lenny for assisting. will post more updates to my progress. this is a project i have to take on :)

No problem mate,

contact me anytime I’m more than happy to help you or hopefully i will be able to connect you with someone who can help you mate

it's always nice to get good feedback :D

I’m looking forward to seeing this build come together B)

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That is a very informative post and plenty of detail. I also managed a project this size a few years ago. I purchased Focus that was a right off in a salvage yard in Essex. I had a new body Shell purchased, took everything off the old car and then all back on to the new Shell.

Visit this website, it may help with parts and they do global delivery provided you are happy to pay.

Ford Car Body Panels

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