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Help For Potential New Owner Please


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Hello all and hope I can get some advice.

I will be selling my Alfa 159 soon and thinking of switching to a Ford Focus (need something smaller, hatchback and more efficient). The Alfa is well specced so I'm looking at a Focus 1.6 Titanium (or Titanium X if I can afford it).

I have a few questions and please forgive me if they have been asked elsewhere.

1. Is it really worth paying for the X to get parking sensors, part leather, etc.

2. What are Ford like for offering discounts? What should I be pitching at as a start point?

3. How do Focus's do on depreciation (can't be as bad as Alfa)?

Thanks in advance for your help and I hope I'll soon be able to contribute to the forums as an owner.


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Ford seem to be doing a lot of deals at the moment and look as though they are desperate to get more sales. You Titanium has come down a lot in price since April, and you may well be able to get the TX for the same price.

Give Clive Kay a call at Lookers Ford in Essex on 01245 322234 and tell him one of his clients, Bruce Tann, said you may be able to sort out a deal.

Coming from an Alfa, I wouldnt go for any less power than the Ecoboost engined Titanium. I went from a 2.0 Veloce 156 Sportwagon to a 1.6 Style Estate in 2009 and really missed the power and feel of it.

Good luck with your search.

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