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Winter Tyres And Wheels

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Winter tyres, are they worth it ?

I am thinking of getting some of these and putting them onto steel rims, can I just buy 5 stud 16inch steel rims and then put the tyres on these and then put them on my c max ??

Help needed please


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Winter tyres, are they worth it ?


Winter tyres serve a purpose and if you lived considerably further north, i.e. Scotland, they might be a consideration...

... last winter was one of the worst for several years, I live in Lincolnshire where we had quite a bit of the white stuff. Even so I (+you?) and thousands of other motorists managed ok on normal tyres, no-one at this time will know if this winter will be anything as bad.

Why do you need winter tyres? to get to work?

If so isn't the cost of the tyres going to be far more than the loss of a days wages?

I noticed many minor bumps between drivers sliding on the snow/ice and although winter tyres may help you but they will not protect you from the 'other' driver from sliding into you. Whist winter tyres may make you feel more confident if the roads are that bad personally I would leave the car in the garage, might save you money and a lot of hassle with your insurance company.

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I disagree with cyb. I think its better to have a spare set of tyres, even on a spare set of wheels for easy change. Winter tyres provider better grip and performance in the frost. The reason is the rubber compound remains soft and grippy, whereas summer tyres freeze, and become frosty on the wheels reducing grip. I wouldnt say go out and buy the best winter tyres on the best alloys, but I would say that if you plan on keeping your car for a few years yet, and you have the space to store four spare wheels with winter tyres - why not? all you need to do when the weather gets bad is jack the car, off with summer and on with winter. half hour job, max for a bit more reliability in winter.

its better to drive on winter tyres all year round, because winter tyres cope better in snow and wet weather than summer tyres do. Granted there is slightly more wear and tear when the weather is good, but overall performance is better all year round on winter tyres than on summer.

If you dont want to pay for winter tyres, you can do as I plan to do this year and buy a pair of snow socks for those really bad days. at a very fraction of the price they seem to be worth it.

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