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It's been a coooooold winter in my Fiesta :-(

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Hey all.

I have a Ford Fiesta Flight 2001 1299cc Five Door, Hatchback, Manual, Petrol.

Just before Christmas the heating stopped blowing out cold air.

I took it back to the garage and they advised me that they think its the heating control on the dash board dashop8.jpg (under the CD player). So I went down the scrappies and paid £20 for a new heater control panel. Took it home, fitted it myself, started the engine and I'm still just getting cold air coming out.

After searching around on some forums I've been seeing a few people getting exactly the same problem and it being the Heating Control Valve, the fault. I'm not too convinced as when lifting the bonet and feeling the pipes after the control valve (the pipes that go into the dash) they are both hot, as if hot water is travelling through them... But, i'm not a mechanic, so I dont know for sure...

Any ideas anyone?

I'm pretty comfortable changing parts myself if its do-able.

Thanks alot!

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Hi Mate...

I have the same issue although I've potentially ruined my engine by by-passing the heater control valve completely but I digress..

The Heater Control Valve stops the hot air from entering your car so you feel the pipes are HOT leading to the valve. That is expected, it indicated that the heater matrix is working okay and that the heater control valve is broken.

I ordered my new one from FordParts Uk for £25 ... I should have waited until I received it before trying to remove my current one (just passing on the words of wisdom gained from being stupid).

Briefly : Hot pipes leading to the HCV indicate that the HCV is the item at fault so replace it :)

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disconnect the heater control valve unit from its power,turn electrics on then insert the connector.

if you hear a click from unit,its ok..if you hear nothing then the solenoid is knackered.

it happened to me on my fiesta...common fault bud :)

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Hey guys.

Bought a new HCV, fitted it. All sorted now. Heatings working lovely, car feels like a car again!

Cheers both!

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