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Ford Ka 2Nd Year Service

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I had my car serviced recently and want to check whether I have been ripped off as there is a lot of hidden cost on the invoice.

Prior to the service I phoned 4 garages and below are the cost as quoted to me:

*£120 + VAT - Small family-runned Ford Approved dealer

£200 inc VAT - Main Ford dealership

£80 service + cost of Ford parts + VAT - local non Ford repair garage

£175 inc vat and Ford parts - local non Ford repair garage

I went for the £120 + VAT service as that was the best quote. On the day they phoned up and said I need new brake pads and quoted £57 + VAT which I told them to go ahead. Picked my car up and today the invoice arrived through the door with the full cost of £292 inc VAT!

The break down of cost:

£22.50 - 3 x super oil

£7.64 - oil filter

£36.80 - 4 x Spark Plugs

£57.00 - Front Brake Pads

£120.00 service and repair cost


£243.94 (£292.72 inc vat)

Are parts not normally included in service cost? Last year I had my car serviced at the main Ford dealership that quoted £200, for the first year service they quoted me £150 and that was exactly how much they charged me at the end.

Please help. Is this price normal for a 2nd year service on a Ford Ka?

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All I can say is that Ford always include the standard parts in their service quote. £150 for the 1st and £200 for the second service sounds right to me including the normal parts.

Does look like the £120 you were quoted was for labour only. The spark plugs should not have needed replacing yet and they must have fitted gold plated ones at that price. Unless you have done 30k plus miles already you normally wouldnt need the pads replacing at the second service either. The pads are expensive as well. I just bought front discs and pads for my wifes SportKA, and they were only £40 for the lot.

Does look like you have been stung somewhat.

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Thanks for the reply.

I have done 24,000 miles on the car and the brake pads did need changing as my car would squeal when I braked (it was pretty much worn down to the metal).

I think I'm more annoyed that they didn't specify that the £120 does not include parts.

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ford spec for a second service/ 25000 is to replace the spark plugs, which are deer to by as they are lancia spark plugs, 100% due at 2 years/25k we get lots of comments but that the fiat/lancia spec and ford jus pass it on. you look to have been stung for the service though as dealer quotes are parts and vat inclusive

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