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Engine Problem

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Hey Guys....

I'm hoping somebody here could advise me on a problem I have with my R reg Fiesta (1.25 zetec).

The heater control valve (I assumed) was faulty so I ordered a new one from FordPartsUK. It's been so cold here in Edinburgh that I (as was discussed on a forum somewhere) removed the Heater Control Valve and connected the two sets of hoses up to each other so that hot air would be blowing constantly.

I have just spent £500 on the car to get brakes and suspension fixed for the MOT which it passed but the garage (K-Fit) had to take it away twice (it wasnt finished correctly the first time) to get some welding work done to it.

My problem is that i fill up the water tank with water and as the engine gets hot the water comes whistling out from the engine somewhere (its to the right of the engine nearish the front).

the engine temperature rises but doesnt hit hot (because I stop and refill with water).

please please advise on what the problem could be. If bypassing the heater control valve caused this then i'm the biggest idiot in the world for taking someones advice on an internet forum. If its unlikely to have caused it then the garage may have done something to the car inadvertently and I'd like to know what part of the engine is leaking or broken and any advice would be appreciated.

I'm getting the new valve on monday and will fit it immediately. is there a chance that this will cause the right pressure in the system again or will it not help at all?

Any words of advice would be sorely appreciated, thankyou!

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it sounds like your coolant system has a pressure leak it could be a hose, joint or gasket thats gone with out seeing the car it hard to say, see if you can trace the leak as its gushing to narrow it down.

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Not sure on the problem exactly but i am sure i am right in saying that if you connected the 2 pipes then you need to put a resistance in the pipework as the water can circulate too easily without it. Had that with my sisters KA. The pipes were joined with no resistance and never warmed. I put a resistance in and the heaters worked.

If this is not right can someone please tell me and then i apologise for this totally useless post.

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Thanks for your replies guys.

I'm gonna fit the new heater control valve tomorrow.

This morning (first daylight I've had since it went wrong) I ran the engine with a tank full of water... I was somewhat relieved to see that water wasdripping from the hose thats connected to the engine. I then realised that the clip holding the hose onto the engine was broken and therefore water was just able to seep out easily.

I am going to go to Halford today to get a clip for the hose (I hope its easy to get) and that hopefully will fix the leak (unless theres another leak somewhere).

I hope thats the case and I thank you for your replies - I'll let you know how it goes :)

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