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Non Starting-What Do These Codes Mean???


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Hi too all and hope you can help.

I have not had a car for a month now and with a disabled wife and 4 kids and birthdays and Christmas the list just goes on,I have tried everything to no avail to restart my Ford Galaxy 1998 petrol 2.3.

It all seemed to start when i had my clutch replaced by Mr Clutch and when i picked the car up afterwards it was stalling on the drive home i thought that this was part of the "bedding" in process of the clutch and thought it would settle down,however 4 days after this the car just died.

Now it cranks but will not fire,Mr Clutch informed me if i took the car back to them that they would investigate,but would admit no responsibility for the cars state,in my mind once they had the car back they could say whatever,we argued- it went back and forth and finally i am still stuck with a non starting car.

So in an effort to fix it my self i have replaced the fuel filter,relays 30 and 167 i have cleaned all relevant valves plugs and checked all leads-nothing.

A mechanic visited took off the crankshaft position sensor cleaned ,inspected and refitted it still nothing however we have no determined between ourselves because of the flashing LED on the door that it is code 1:6 Faulty link line between PATS module and EEC V

module.Go to FDS2000 this is the explanation from another forum as to the process of the flashing LED!

So what i was wondering could someone help me with the possible cost and the process to fix this without sending me to the bankruptcy court.

Any help or someone in my area would be great.

I live in north London.

many,many thanks :(

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bad news,i would not let that firm no where any car,they have bad reputation full stop,have you got a code reader,

The mechanic who helped me with the car could not get a reading from his code reader,when he plugged it in it could not read anything and this was why we determined the code and problem from the LED flashing!

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