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Where's The General Ford Chat??

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This section of the forum seems to have been hijacked by faults about specific models of Ford that would be better placed in the model specific sections of the forum which are further down the forum index front page.

The problem with them all being in here is that it is impossible to pick out the "General Ford Discussions" and will be very difficult for anyone looking for help with a problem to find existing topics.

Is this just my view or does it seem to be a bit of a mess in here?



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Im with you on this one Rog, I guess a lot of the hype has been focused on Radio Codes recently, so maybe we should dedicate some time afterwards to maintaining a clear path through the forums!

I agree that if your car is branded and you need help, it should be put into the model specific area's, but then if its a generic request, it might be helpful to have a "general car support" forum, then general ford can be for general for banter, general chat for anything else, and then if nothing else, anyone can pick out a random query for help, and put it into the general car support section, or similar!

It would be nice to have a clear out, but Steve and the mod's do it voluntarily and dont have too much time to do it...

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