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Saturated Carpets Mk7 Fiesta

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I have a 2009 Fiesta Zetec S with 25,000 miles on it. I just discovered a few weeks ago that the drivers footwell carpet rear carpet behind the drivers seat were saturated with water. I tried soaking it up with towels and sponges but to no avail. The passenger side and boot are dry. I have no leaks in the windows or doors. I booked in for next week and Ford will have it for 3 days as they take the seats and carpet out to diagnose the problem. Even though my 3 year warranty is still in effect, leaks are only covered for the first year so as a result a have to pay £160 for this to be done. Not a very good warranty from Ford!! I have also contacted Ford Customer Services regarding this and have a case number. I've been reading similar tales for other Mk7 Fiestas and ended up being a faulty or no seal on the bulkhead. I think this could be the problem or maybe a blocked pipe somewhere.

Has anybody else had similar problems with their Ford and I was wondering what was the cause and the outcome with Ford?

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There is a technical service bulletin out about this apparently, so the dealers should know, and they should be doing it under warranty so far as I'm aware :/ There's a thread about it here: http://www.fiestafaction.com/forums/fiesta-service-bay/33933-wet-touch-under-carpet.html

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