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Focus Instrument Cluster Query

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Hi just a quick question.

My cluster on my 2007 st has a crack on the plastic screen.

I went to the main dealers to ask how much to replace it but they said i need to buy the whole cluster (£500!!)

I looked on eBay which is alot cheaper but my question is does the plastic bit just unclip or is it fixed on?

Also would i need to buy one from a 2007 model or are the clusters a standard size on the mk2??

Any help would be most appreciated

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Good Question, my understanding (from what I remember mine to be) is that the cluster screen is not embedded, if you can remove it, and replace it you should be able to just slide another one in and it should snap in place...

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I think they are different sizes across the MK2 - 3 ranges, the 2.5 might be same size though... other than taking a look on the web, you might find a non OEM - but then is it definately going to fit?

how prominant is this crack? I had small cracks along the centre bottom, about 3 mm in height, but I just lived with it, as it wasnt a great problem.

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Same sort of crack I had on mine, but I never bothered getting it changed... however looking at yours, I am slightly more confident that the shape / size looks very similar to mine, if not the same!

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