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Im after a n/s wing panel for my ford mk4 fiesta zetec has a few dents in it. I understand it could be a needle in a haystack scenario but does anyone no of good breakers or places that might be able to help. Its a imperial blue colour.

I also know you can buy new ones but the cost of spraying etc takes the price well over my budget. If I can get hold of one would be great! Or is there any other alternative thats not too expensive?

Thanks in advance.

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Have you thought about spraying it yourself mate? It's really not too hard and you would be able to get a pretty tidy job done saving quite a bit of money compared with a professional paint and fitting.

Members here could advise with the spraying but it's really not too hard, I don't know whether the MK4 Fiesta has bolt-on wings or whether they're spot welded on. If they are bolt-on it's really easy to change and you only need basic tools.

If not, you may have luck contacting a breakers yard in your area, they might just have a MK4 wing in your colour ready to go. There's a breakers yard near me which remove the wings so they're ready to go, I think I paid about £25 last year for a nearside wing to fit my MK2 Punto Sporting. Might be worth a try contacting local breakers to see if they are able to do something similar.


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