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Self Unlocking Tailgate On 2004 C Max

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The tailgate of my 2004 1.8 Zetec C Max, has started opening by itself, forcing me to keep stopping, getting out and closinig before proceeding.

Fortunately, door is heavy, so doesn't spring open. However constantly 'beeping' door alarm an annoyance.

Remember seeing something about water ingress to tailgate causing problems in the past, which was deatl with by a recall.

Must be some form of short-circuit.

Any one had something similar? If so, how can I repair?


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It's possibly the wires going to the boot through the umbilical at the top of the hatch.

I had the same symptom until it just stopped one day.

The casings on the wires get brittle and snap and then snap the wires, water gets in and shorts across firing the boot solenoid, my solenoid actually failed and needed replacing.

Other symptoms can also be either the rear wiper not working properly and the 3rd brake light not working.

I had all three and had to rewire the connections - easy enough with a crimp set and patch wires if need be.

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