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Ford Fiesta Zetec 95Bhp Diesel Flat Spot

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If you own this 95bhp model and you have a flat spot +temporary miss fire when pulling away you`ll be interested in this story. I purchased a new Fiesta 18 months ago within 2 weeks this problem showed so i took it back to the main dealers who couldn`t find anything wrong after 10 more visits over 12 mths they changed various electrical parts then a part wiring loom then the complete wiring loom (Engine bay Dashboard ) This was replaced on instructions from one of Fords of Dagenham`s technical experts Dave Clark

. Nothing thats been done over the last 18 months has cured this fault . I contacted fords customer services complaning! They told me wer`e sorry but its a trait with that model and there`s no fix .Can you believe it no fix.

So if any of you out there with this problem give fords a ring on 0127725300 ask for Customer Services Daniel Quick or Steven Vivani

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To be honest John you should be a little more robust with them.

My next contact with them would be through a solicitor, if what they say is true then essentiall they are selling misrepresented goods which are unfit for purpose.

I bought a new Mercedes 220 CDI in December, it broke down after 3 days, nothing serious just some electrical snag letting the battery discharge. Anyhow as it was completely dead sp a technician came out, replaced the gel battery and reset all the systems. I was pretty miffed because I had been forced to put the family in a taxi to meet our engagement.

I went in like a bull in a china shop saying I wanted my money back etc, the result was a massive apology and an ECU remap to bring the car up to CD 250 spec, +40BHp and around 50lbft torque :) .

Do not let them push you around mate.....

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