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2007 Fiesta Zetec Climate Locking Problem

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The above vehicle was reported to the dealer with a Central Locking problem when the car was still under warranty in Feb 2010. When the car was locked it would after a few hours unlock itself and the mirrors would open. This happens wherever it is parked not just a home. The dealer, who supplied the car to me new, has had the car in to rectify the problem on many occasions but has failed to do so. I have removed the fuse which controls the central locking and have to lock the car manually. The mirrors fold in when I use the locking button on the key with the cental locking fuse removed but after a few hours they open up. I cannot used the key fob to open the mirrors only the internal mirror knob.

I am not very happy with this situation and as a loyal Ford customer having owned 15 Fords and never had such a serious unfixable problem before I can now only come to you for help.

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The dealer has a duty to rectify this problem, no questions asked! I'm sorry i can't offer any help to help pinpoint the issue, but neither should you have to ask on here for pointers... Your dealer is shirking his responsibility :blink:

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Does your fiesta have the double locking feature fitted? i.e It single locks with one press on the fob, then "deadlocks" with two presses? If so, does the car unlock itself on single AND double locks?

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