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Nev B

Focus Gearbox Diff Pin Eats Casing

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Grateful for any comments on wether this is a common problem.

Wife has a 1.6 Focus Ghia on a 56 plate, less than 45k on the clock.

On the way home from work hears a loud bang under car, said it felt like she had hit something, but didn't think so as she was travelling in a queue of traffic.

Anyway, pulls over and checks around. can't see any dammage, drives off noticing small pool of liquid had formed under car.

Picks daughter up from school and phones me. "Is the car driveable?" "Yes she says it's fine!"

OK take it straight up the Garage and get them to take a look.

45 Mins later... The greabox diff pin has broken and smashed holes in the gearbox casing = gearbox written off and also clutch will need replacing. If they wont PX the gearbox it may write off the whole car as the repair is likely to cost in excess of £5k!!!!!

Even with the PX (which they did) the bill was £2,200

Anyone else heard of this happening? and is there any point trying to get some compensation out of ford?


Nev B

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