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X Reg Mondeo Key Fob Problem.....

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Hello, just joined today after purchasing my first Ford, a very tidy X Reg Mondeo LX Estate.

Very please with the car so far other than the central locking key fob as it does not lock/unlock the car and this can only be done by inserting the key - not the end of the world but.....

I have read various methods of trying to re-program the key to the CL System however that does not seem to work, replace the CR2032 battery with a new one and still no joy.

The key fob has 3 buttons on it, Lock, Unlock and Boot, comes apart in two sections.

I am hoping maybe one of you guy's can help me and make sure I have followed the programing sequence correctly please?

Best Regards


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Look here mate,


You only need one key for this but two keys to access the immobiliser programming.

I'd check that the battery terminals are not caught up inside first - that can and does happen.

Nice find

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