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Richard Murawski

Mondeo 2.0 Tddi 170K With No Service History

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Hi All

Newbie to the FOC

I have acquired a 2001 Mondeo 2.0 TDDI 170k on clock with no service history. Have been running the car for the past 5 days now and have found the following wrong with it and have a few questions.

1. Is this car chain driven or does it have a cambelt?

2, Sometimes crunches into 2nd gear, now getting used to how it is i time it right to change gear, only does it from 1st to 2nd?

3, ABS warning light is on, but brakes feel fine to me.

4, Power steering has a whine however goes away once engine is warm, have checked fluid and its full maybe a tad to full, changed power steering belt as it was just a 20 min job but still the same.

5, electric up and down on drivers seat didnt work, ended up taking seat out today and adjusted it manually as it was in the fully up position, do i just need to change the motor, however the motor does turn inside.

The car starts and stops as it should and even in -7 conditions last weekend turned key till glow light went out (3 seconds) and starts first time with no smoke from back end and happily sits at 1000rpm. Drives well turbo kicks in as it should and has very good pick up. Exhaust is in very good condition and all tyres are pretty new and even the spare is a brand new Pirelli Planning on doing oil and filters this weekend and maybe the steering pump if required.........what else should i look at doing please.

Newbie to the forum and a newbie to ford tddi's

many thanks richard

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Hi and welcome.

1) i believe they are chain driven

2)MTX75 gearbox - never been smooth but built like a tank (my brother focus an my mondeo both do the 1st 2nd second thing, but no harm in a gearbox oil change.)

3)try slamming them on, does it skid or can you feel it kicking in? could be a dirty sensor, stretched hand brake cable or worn pads/disks.

4) my dads cars powersteering has done that noise since 72,000 its now on 180,000. no biggy.

5) not sure on this, i still havent found the button for mine lol

hope this helps


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