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Hi i was just wondering if anyone has ever thought about or done this in wrapping a Fiesta i am thinking to but not sure if it is a good idea or not would love feedback cheers

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Hi, I saw your question on Twitter and thought I would offer an opinion;

We have been wrapping cars for the last 5 months or so for our motorsport replica range ( www.wrdavies.co.uk/motorsportdesign) and have found it very interesting. I had no previous experience of this type of mod.

Depending on what look you want to achieve it can be surpisingly easy, relatively cheap and much less permanent than a full body shop job. If after a few months you do not like it you can remove it or just change it.

We have just decided to look into some carbon and chrome wrapping this week so if you are local to us (we are in Welshpool in Mid Wales) you are welcome to come over to see how it works and what the effects look like in the flesh. We generally have about 6 replicas in stock at any given time.

It would be interesting to hear from you on what type of modification you were considering. I have attached one of the first vinyl wraps that we have done for you to have a look at.

Feel free to contact me via this blog or email me on Stef@wrdavies.co.uk



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Hi Stefan,

Thanks for that unfortunately i am no where near Wales but what i am thinking is making it look like the Ford Focus rs MK2 in that green. Is that your car in the pic looks good.

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