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Radio Removal Help Plz


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Hi e everyone ..i need help plz... i have a new shape 57 plate mondeo ghia ..and want to remove the radio which is sony 6 disc,, i have a parrot bluetooth and need to get to the wires behind the radio but not sure how to remove it any help plz..Thanks...John

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Hi mate,

Does the radio have small slots top and bottom in the corners?

Maybe it looks lkike this one.


I know this is not the same radio as yours but just to illustrate the slot location.


If so you need 4 keys to do it.


They slot in with the flat part of the handle facing outwards and will click into place.

Once in place, the keys only come out when the radio is fully out, you need to put pressure on the springs to disengage the keys.

If the radio is this style then the fascia unclips from around the radio and there is four screws which will be very obvious.


On the back of the radio is the aerial connection - easy pull off plug and a quadlock - flip the small catch in the bottom of it and pull the large arm up


Of course please be sure you have the radio security code before disconnecting anything and remember to reconnect the aerial too.

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