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Please Help Glow Plug Light P0251 Error

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This is my first post. I am desperate and hope to have some feedback and help from the members of this forum. F

irst of all, I am not a native English speaker, so forgive my spelling.

So far, I have owned a mondeo a mk2 own a mk3 for 5 years (137 000km on the clock)

The mk3 is a 130hp 2L tdci. I have experienced the glow plug light problem. My car has been in the Service Garage for almost a month. They do not seem to be able to solve the problem with the glow plug light. The system diagnostics (i believe they use Bosch system diagnostics) reports injection fault on cylinder 3. However, the injector replacement does not solve the problem (they have sent the injectors to a diesel injector - Bosch specialist for repair). The engine runs noisy, and cuts on power between 2000 and 3000 rpm aproximately.

After injector replacement, the diagnostics report the following errors: P0251, P2291, P1211 and P0100.

The Service Garage claims to have checked the camshaft sensor and the air pressure inlet sensor, and that the problem is just the fuel injection. However, after two diesel injection/pump specialist injector repairs,once fitted, the mounted new injectors report errors again, and the engine is noisy again. Today, they have drained the fuel tank, changed the fuel filter with no success.

Can somebody please point me in some direction, I have been without a car for too long and am running out of patiance and ideas. I have already paid for some service conducted on the car but the garage now says that they do not know the solution and want to give me the car and the money back. They mingled with the injectors and i feel that the car is running worse then when I left it for repair

I am honesty greatfull for any suggestions and advice!

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Hi i have pretty much the same problem with my car, its the same model but 55 plate. on excelerating i get a puff of black smoke then the car goes into limp mode so i have to turn the engine off to reset it. ive been told its either the EGR valve or a vain in the turbo but when they put it on the computer theres no codes. Hope this helps just a suggestion.

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Get the EGR off and make sure its clean, clean the main through pipe and lubricate the valve stem and work the valve so it operates smoothly.

Just out of interest did they replace the injector brass pipe as thats suppose to be changed at the same time as the injector, was the new injector recoded aswell?

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First of all, thank you for the replies.

Here is the current situation:

They claim to have checked the EGR, since I told them, but the form their experience it causes different problems. They also sayd thet the mass/volume airflow meter (located after the air filter) is OK.

I am not sure about the brass pipe. However, they tried another set of 4 injectors from another mondeo which runs OK, and the result on my car was the same.

They also claim to have checked the CAMSHAFT and CRANK SHAFT sensors.

Can they actually check a sensor without actually replacing it?

It seems they have a problem listening to my suggestions, and can’t seem to bare the fact that I may know something they did not think of (btw I have a masters in mechanical engineering, though I admint theory is one thing, practice another, plus I have the help of this Forum and other experiences online). Nevertheless, it is a fact that they are experiencing severe problems and can not locate the problem by themselves. I shouldn't even have to be dealing with this.

Now, after they have drained the tank etc. changed the fuel filter, they sent all of the injectors + the fuel pump to a diesel specialist in some other town for testing.

Lets see how it goes. I hope it solves the problem even if it costs a lot.

PS. Sorry for the bad spelling etc. I am not a native speaker.

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if you have tried different injectors (presuming they coded they to the car) and still having issues then the likley suspect is the following:

the fuel filter they replaced is not an oem filter (non oem filters do cause problems on these)

The fuel pump is failing (is it hard to start?, have you put petrol in it or has it ever had petrol put in it as far as you know)

Leak or split fuel line somehwere

The fuel sender is faulty

the fuel regulator is fault

the PCV is faulty

the comon rail is fault

the list as you can see is endless....

Im still trying to get mine sorted

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As far as I know, petrol was never used.

I have now idea ahat kind of filter was used. The car started with nor problems, with this issue, even though the glowplug light was flashing, it had been outside on for arround 20 days on temeratures between -10 and -20 degrees celsius outside while I was away on hholiday.

I can see that the list is endless, however, the current situation is: completely checked/restored fuel pump and injector system, all of the fuel lines were cleaned. The tank and the entire fuel system was drained and filled with fresh fuel. The car is now taken to the official FORD garage for injector recoding/programming or whatever. I do not understand how could have they tried with different injectors if they are not able to program/code them?

Hope this sorts it... Will post how it goes.

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i think your on the right track with the why send it to ford thinking, the big mistake garages can make is that the injector coding are in firing order and not physical order but if they recode regular they should know that.

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I might be onto something

Have you ever brimmed your car?

Does it smell of diesel in the car or outside the car running or not?

If you lift the back seats up and remove the big round disk, does it smell of diesel, is there white on the back of the disk, is it damp in there??

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There was no smell ever. I haven't checked under the back seats. not sure what brimming is.

Got it last week from the garage. runs and pulls well.

The glow plug light is off. All of the injectors were repaired and the pump was also serviced.

The only problem now is a ticking sound between 1500 and 2200rpm? There is a little bit of white/gray smoke when started.

The sound apeared after the injector and pump repair.

Yet the car goes well and the garage owner claims that everything is fine and the sound would eventualy go away. 300km and it is still there. it is not as loud when the engine warms up. and it is quieter when idle. the engine does not run as smooth as it used to when started from cold - first morning start.

Lifted the hood today. There is enough oil. The sound seems to be coming from the area where the injectors and valves are, from the left side of that area.

Any ideas? advice?

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Fixed the problem finnaly! I had the injectors sent for a recheck again, then recoded and then had the ECU formated and fitted with new firmware in the official FORD dealers garage.

After this everything was fine, the engine was as quiete and smooth as ever, just as I remember it used to be maybe 5 years ago.

Anyway, after all the fuzz I eventually sold the car, although the garage told me it was not smart selling it, since the repair was expensive and it was going to be fine now etc.

Thinking of getting a MK4 1.6 petrol now, after all the diesel issues experienced...

Thanks everybody for help and support!

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