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Need Advice On My Brothers 1998 Mondeo 16V Ghia Petrol 2 Litre


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Guys - my brothers car is up for its MOT

i cant say he`s looked after the car and its been sat on his drive for 12 months unused!

its had a recent new battery and starts first time

its done 149,510 miles on a 1998 S Registration, its the Mondeo 16V Ghia Zetec Engine 2 litre petrol model

when should the cambelt be changed on these models? how often between oil changes etc?

or any other advice you can give would be most appreciated

it needs to get through the MOT and the rear bumper has a huge split and crack on it

anyone any good at repairs from Oxford or Swindon on here?

it needs TAX and 2 new tyres, been thinking is it all worth it on a car with this much mileage?

what can he expect mileage wise to get out of it after he gives it a full service aswell

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Ive known these engines to do well over 200k miles if looked after (regular oil and filter changes etc).

The cambelt should probably have been done on 80k if not earlier. That is probably the most costly bit to sort and if you plan to keep it, you need to sort it.

Personally, I would get an MOT on it and sell it.

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