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Mondeo Tdci 115 Poor Mpg - Stumped!


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Hi guys

Ive recently bought an 04 plate Mondeo 2.0 TDCI 115 with 113k on the clock, that's averaging 30mpg. That seems ridiculously low to me so...

I've had the injectors professionally replaced

I've replaced the EGR valve and cleaned the inlet manifold, replaced the fuel filter, and air filter

The air filter to turbo hose was split - I've replaced it

The EGR to inter cooler hose was split - I've replaced that too

But it's all made very little difference and now I'm stuck for ideas. Can anyone suggest anything I may have missed?? I'm beginning to think it may be something electrical but is there anything mechanical I should check?


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Hmmm interesting - mate of mine has the same engine in a Zetec roughly the same age/mileage and averages 39mpg, mostly town driving. I probably do 75/25 town/motorway. I get just shy of 400 miles to a tank where he's getting close to 500.

Maybe I'm just being picky but my old Vectra DTI (51 plate, 100k) would get close on 38mpg so expected better from the TDCI...

Out of curiosity what mpg do other people get out of this engine? Or miles to a tank?

Cheers for the replies :-)

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I have a 130 Tdci which does mainly A roads or motorway and get 50ish mpg the last 1500miles have avg 49.7 thats mixed driving, reset computer when I filled up 27.5 miles ago and the avg is only 22mpg but thats all short town work.

Dont reley on the trip computer do a brim to brim mileage check, those figs I have quoted are from the computer

When cruising the sweet spot seems to be at 2200rpm

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Brill, cheers for the tips :-) I get just short of 400 miles a tank which works out roughly 30mpg

My m8 used to work like that.

Going by his "guesses" his Escort actually MADE petrol.

The ONLY way is to fill right up, reset the odometer and drive.

Next time, fill right up again and divide the miles done by the fuel put in.

My MPG readout is useless.

Reads 47/48 when I'm getting between 51 and 55.

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