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Help Me Choose My Next Car....

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I'm looking at replacing my 07 plate Focus 1.8TDCi with a Mondeo as our family has expanded and I could do with a bigger boot for all the stuff a kid comes with.

We were initially looking at a Mondeo and an Octavia but decided against the Octavia as the Mondeo felt a lot plusher inside and more refined and therefore a nicer place to be for longer journeys. So we started to investigate the engines and spec etc of the Mondeo and I think it's between one of the new 1.6 TDCi or the 2.0 TDCi (140bhp).

The only 1.6 that we can afford is the Edge spec which has cruise control and air con and ISO-fix and all that but steel wheels and black door handles (neither of which are a problem to us) but is a lot newer, the 2.0 would probably be a Zetec as there seem to be plenty available. The 2.0 we could get a slightly older one and it wouldn't cost so much to buy but the 1.6 would be cheaper to run, so we're a bit undecided about which to go for.

I've not driven either of them but before i do I thought i'd see what other people think of them? Is the 1.6 a bit under powered for such a big car? I'm not much of a petrol head, i just want a good reliable car that will serve me for between 5 and 10 without too much bother.

There is another option which i keep thinking about and that is that the 2.0 Mondeo is cheaper to buy a Vauxhall Insignia but the Insignia is cheaper to run and would probably be a little bit newer.

Which would you choose and why?

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Have to agree. Volvo V70 is excellent. Build quality is much better than Ford (and I only swapped my V70 for a Mondeo yesterday)

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