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Noise When Turning Right - Wheel Bearing?

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When I turn right in my car (not full lock so not tyre rub) there is a noise that sounds like a Land Rover with off road tyres on dry tarmac. If I depress the clutch the noise lessens. I'm thinking possible wheel bearing or drive shaft - any ideas guys?

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I'd say it could be your driveshaft as my other half had the exact same problem as you've described on his mk4 astra gsi. He was told by one mechanic it was his bearing, had it replaced by another which said there was nothing wrong with the old one! And right enough the noise was still there. Our family friend mechanic had a better look at it and said it could be the driveshaft. So had that replaced a lone behold... silence! The old driveshaft was completely knackered!

Maybe someone else could shed more light on this to be 100% but I guess each car is different. Hope this helps though.

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Best thing to do is take the car to a trusted mechanic or have a good look yourself. Jack the car up and put it on axel stands. Turn the driveshaft left and right with your hand to check the U-joints and If there's alot of movement chances are the U-joints might need replacing. But if the driveshaft itself doesn't look in too good a nick, especially if its dented it'll most likely be needing replaced.

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