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Turbo Trouble!

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So bought a mk6 07 zetec s a month ago so couple of days ago the turbo went on it.bought a new turbo from a place in Essex and they emailed the next day sayin that 'I NEED to change other parts or the turbo will void its warranty and break again.ie oil pipe in sump,banjo,bolts and washers and oil feed pipe'.not really sure if changing these is really nessecary or they are just looking more money.would anyone know and please get back to me would appreciate it thanks.

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Couple of questions

How much extra is it going to cost

Why did the turbo fail...was it starved of oil?

They really need to justify why those parts need changing...can they prove they are at fault and thats why the turbo failed...or the said parts are faulty....you really need answers not just a "NEED"

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They were quoting an extra 200 for these parts.no it wasn't starved oil.it hasn't completely collapsed the machanic said but if I hadnt of noticed it and kept driving it,it would've.didnt want to go ahead put it in if it's goin to happen again in a couple of months down the line and they won't cover it just because those parts werent changed now

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What mileage is the car on?

If the turbo was due to collapse then this may be due to age/mileage if there is proof of oil starvation and blockages in the pipes then i can see why they are trying to justify the repair if not they cant really tell you that you "need" extra parts.

I can fully understand washers but banjo's and oil pick up errrrmmm dodgey

Sorry if im teaching you how to suck eggs but here is a link to the same sort of banjo's and bolts/washers they want to change


and here is a similar oil pick up/feed


Like mentioned copper washers....the weakest link yes and these cost pence and should be changed as par the course anyway.

Looking at the two images I have shown can you see why they would need changing?

I think the best thing to do is get a full explanation "Why they need changing/Have they failed?"

Personally I would tell them to do a running jump

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