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My F Super Results From Formidable


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Right had the F supper on today and here are the results. Also to note, everytime i tried to read the injectors (not write) the car would shut down about 30 seconds after reading them?






i tired reving to 2,500 but as im accelerating the revs are dropping and struggling to go up. so they basically go up, up a bit more, down load, up a bit more, up a bit more, down loads all whilst my foot is accelerating gently. this has never happened before. also this morning was harder to start, 3 turns (engine turned well it just didnt fire) once it got going it was real rough like nothing before, slowly got better as it warmed up though.

No i have no idea what all the thinks on formindable mean but i can tell you the following

on PCM live data:

RPM flux between 750 and 767

FRP flux between 199 and 238 bar

MFdes 4.15 and 4.71 MG

everything else is steady.

just to clarify the egr is blocked. yet there is egrp and egrd readings during reving.

any help apreciatged.


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It was cleaned before blocking, filter changed when issue first occurred. P0251 fuel metering malfunction is the code I have under 4th an 5th heavy acceleration

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