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Mondeo 2006 Heater Not Working - No Lcd


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My 2006 Mondeo has the heater controls of type shown below. I didn't close the tailgate properly last night so the light was on and had a little difficulty starting the car this morning. Now the heater / fan doesn't work and there is nothing on the LCD.

Any ideas where to start looking?



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hello don,

you have the same fault as mine, except the blower to the quick clear windscreen is blowning at full speed .

cant find a blown fuse so far, would be interested to find out what your repair was


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hi there'

just to let you know that i have had the fault rectified. it turned to be the heater resistor part number 3s7h19e624ab . had it done at local auto-elecs , had to buy secondhand one from e-bay £26 as ford wont sell it on its own, they wanted £256 for a full blower fan


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Mine (the thread start) was traced to a fuse on the bottom row. It wasn't labelled with anything that looked related to fans or heating. All good now ...

... except that the drivers electric window down button 'latch' mode doesn't work. I have to hold my finger on the button. Hmm.

Thanks for the help, chaps.

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try a window reset buy pressing the down button untill the window is fully open and then release the button for one second and then press down for another three seconds and release. this should bring the one touch back into operation. also do it for the up if required.

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