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Stolen Cars

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Something we don't hear alot of on the news up here in the Grampian area is about cars being stolen until this past week.

After two/three cars being stolen last week and set on fire.

To this weekend through Friday night/early hours off Saturday morning 6 cars were stolen worth around £70,000 from a local car dealer 5 miles away from where i live. Damaging several other cars to get to the ones that were stolen. Failing to get into the office (where the keys are most likely kept) they still managed to steal all 6 cars. Obviously they knew what they were doing and which cars they were after! The garage is set up along one of our busiest roads (the A90 for anyone on here that knows the road) so surely someone had seen something, i mean isn't it a bit odd looking for someone to be taking away cars in the middle of the night? I know by now the cars could be anywhere but here's the list of which cars were stolen which the owner gave to the papers with estimated prices...

  • Mercedes CLK AMG convertible - Black - £10,000
  • BMW Z4 convertible - Red - £20,000
  • BMW one series - Black - £8,000
  • VW Golf GT TDI - Red - £10,000
  • Peugeot 307 convertible - Blue - £6,000
  • Nissan Murano - Gold (although there's a Grey one on their site) - £10,000

All with relatively low miles too so they knew which cars they were after and had most definitely been doing there research on the cars.

Sorry for the slightly long post, it's just something that has shocked me as I was only there last weekend speaking to the dealer having a laugh saying that he had alot of nice cars which he replied "Aye and they've all to be sold!" hinting at me and my boyfriend to buy a car and then this happens. I really do feel sorry for the dealer, i cant imagine what it'd be like to have one car stolen never mind 6 and damaging others when its your business! If you want to have a look at the cars incase you do spot any/anything dodgy about a car you see similar this is the dealers site.. http://www.rltradesalesltd.co.uk

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So I open up the paper this morning to see that the Police have found five of the six cars on Sunday. These five were found about 10 miles away, all in the same area undamaged! Surely if the cars were to have been stolen properly they would be long gone or stored away never to be seen again? Or was it just joyriders? Even though there are better top spec cars there to steal? Or... an insurance scam gone wrong?

The red Golf is still missing.

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Sounds to me like a small scale gang just getting started, and they were trying there luck, but perhaps they dont have all the contacts to get the cars out of the country in 12 hours!

I would love to know how they did it, damaging other cars, but not their victims, and how they stole 6 cars, all immobilised, without keys...

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Well i hope they don't come out to where i live! But of all the places to steal cars from, this dealer is right next to the main road with two houses right next door to the place! Surely they would have heard someone trying to kick a door in, gates opening and cars starting?

I'd love to know how they managed it and how quickly they must have done it, has me baffled!

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