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Diamond Bright Paintwork Protection

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Our new Ka came with free Diamond bright paintwork protection and a kit with various cleaners / polishers in. I looked carefully at the paintwork on picking the Ka up and couldant see any swirling which I am informed may have occurred when the treatment was applied. Whats everybody's view about this Diamond bright? I am a confirmed Meguire's man myself and now retired can spend a fair bit of time properly cleaning and polishing the Ka. Heres a piccie.


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A got free diamond bright too on a second hand car (black) they said a treated car is smooth too touch coz the stuff puts a film over the paint and you only need too wash the car with water but a wasnt happy with the finish so a polished the car with my own stuff

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I'm glad you never paid for it , it's over priced and over rated , a good wax and polish is much better.If it was any good the car manufacturer's would have it as standard and use it as a selling point.

i was reading these reviews and some not very impressed people


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