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'08 Diesel 1.8 Tdci Engine Cut Out Whilst Driving Along...now It Won't Start.


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On behalf of my niece, her 08 Mondeo 1.8tdci just cut out without warning. Upon inspection it would appear that the engine will turn over but not start. I have taken off the rocker cover, and the camshaft looks fine, no broken lobes etc, suggesting it isn't timing belt. There is also good compression too. However, if you jack up the front wheel, and put her in gear, and turn the wheel, the cam shaft/engine will turn so far, then with little resistance as the engine finds its compression, the wheel can still be fairly easily turned, suggesting we have a clutch problem. Just wondered if there was a sensor on the fly wheel or something which shuts off the injector pump in the instance of clutch failure? ....any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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has your car got keyless entry by any chance? ford had a problem with the Keyless entry and electronic steering lock suddenly stopped talking to one another so the car will not start. there is a TSB No 29/2008 RFA module calibration about the problem and needs a software update

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