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04 Ford Focus 1.8Tdci 115 Wobbling/juddering 50-60Mph

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Just bought this car, everything ok up to about 50 mph. From 50-60 I get a wobble through the car. Over 60 it's fine, but when braking back through between 50-60, back comes the wobble.

Had front wheels balanced - although it's better, the wobble is still present.,

Any help or advice greatly appreciated!!


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"It does sounds like a wheel balancing and tracking issue to me still"

"Normally if the whole car is vibrating, its the rear wheels that need balancing. If its just through the steering wheel its the front.

Thanks guys, after the balancing was done on the front, it was better but still exists - after reviewing here & other forums I am getting all paranoid about suspension etc but if it was suspension surely i would feel it at any speed (i;m not an expert on cars by the way) ?????

The next step then is to have the back wheels balanced correctly :o) and get the front re-checked, assuming their still out - after this, if the wobble still exists, then their must be something else wrong??

Here's hoping anyways!!

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Was the car crashed or had any damage to the front? You may want to get someone to check your brake discs to make sure they are staright as this would also cause your wobbling issue even after been tracked and balanced.

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