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Ford Rear Brake Bleed Nipple, How To Undo Them!! 2004 Cmax 2L Tdci

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Hi all,

Does anyone know the size of spanner you need to use on the rear brake nipples so the brakes can be bleed. I've done the fronts but cannot undo the backs and it's not 10mm (slightly smaller) but not 9mm..it's also a real ball ache as there's little room to get any leverage on the nipples.

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I do not know what size across flats spanner you need but I have been bleeding brakes since 1967 and I can tell you that you MUST get a spanner to fit snuggly or you will round off the corners. I expect theese days you need a metric spanner.

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I always start them with a six sided socket (not 12 point). Just to break the seal, have some kitchen towel ready as some spillage may occur. If they have rounded bang a 12 point socket over them. Sorry don't know the size on the rears.

Have you tried an imperial 3/8 ths?

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