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Cam Belt

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I was driving on the motorway when my engine cut out. Ive taken it to a garage, and theyve quoted me a possible £1400 to replace the cam belt, valves, covers etc. Does this seem expensive? Any info will help thanks. Its an 02 fiesta 16v 1.4.

Theyve said that the cam belt hasnt snapped, but the tensioners have gone, and bits of plastic have fallen into the engine.

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At what mileage was the cam belt last replaced, and what is it's mileage now? If it was recently replaced you could have a claim against the garage.

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You guys MUST realise the first thing you must do, when buying any car, is find out when the belt was replaced and see a receipt for the work.

I dont think the cam belt tensioner is inside the engine (only the cam belt cover). So having said that bits cant 'get inside the engine'.

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