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It all started when I accidently started it in gear - then while accelerating onto motorway it didn't - would not accelerate much and heater plug light was flashing. got of M6 and stopped - restarted and fine. Ever since then it has been going into "limp mode" and loss of power - poor acceleration - the for a while all fine!

tried so far.

mates diagnostic - error 2262

Diesel "specialist" Delphi error 2262

I.e turbo lack of pressure...

But turbo seems fine - turbo arm free.. - and specialist says never seen code before ( all over the web!!! )

So air mass swapped, injector cleaner ran through, ECR cleaned, NOT split inter cooler hose, Cam sensor changed

Now if I rev - sat still - up to ~2000 rpm - and back off it gets VERY rough - horrible.

Since changing the cam sensor the heater light has stayed off - but too early to tell.

Engine management light on all the time

Tried " twitching ign. on/ff 20 times" as advised on "johns" website - no worky...

So - you think changing the cam sensor ( from a black one to a new grey!!) has worked?

I don't want to waste another £60 ON DIAGNOSTICS TO FINE ERROR 2262 is / is not present - told me nothing the first time.

Feels like a death rattle - Mind you it does most of the time ( long history of chasing more lemons round the crank shaft pulley / belt tensioner game )

If it ain't broke dont fix it - as long as it does not go into limp mode again

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is the turbo accuator electronic or vacume controlled ?

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Code comes back as turbo boost pressure not detected- mechanical.

Check your turbo pipes for splits, cracks or kinking.

Also have the turbo body checked for defects.

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