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Hello I am hoping to get some feed back and help with my 2000 Ford Focus. Earlier this week while driving all of a sudden , out of no where, my dash lights ALL came on and then the dials all jumped to the max and then fell back down and then the car died. I got a jump start from a friendly passer by started right up but then boom it happened again. I towed it to the mechanic , they did a diagnostic and stated that I needed a new alternator. I did that and it started right up , took it for a test drive and then..... 10 minutes in , it happened again????? well it is NOT the alternator :( Does anyone have any suggestions before I spend more money on tows and parts that will not fix the problem??? PLEASE HELP

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well, now we just changed the battery terminals and still the same problem?????? I just don't know where to even check next.......... I was told by a friend to try checking all ground wires....... I wonder if it is worth it ........

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Sounds like an egr valve problem i had the same issue with my old 01 astra, at first i used to take it off and get carb cleaner and clean it. But eventually when i got money git it chagned out and was perfect

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