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Reverse Gear Problem. 2001 Tdci Manual


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This started a few weeks ago when my wife complained our Mondeo banged when she was trying to reverse (she thought she had hit something) and then it would not got back into reverse afterwards. When she got home though it worked fine for me and I just thought it was her not pulling the gate hard enough or something daft.

Unfortunately it wasn't something daft and it has been getting harder and harder to engage reverse. I have checked under the gear lever and all the linkages and the gate look OK and I have checked on the gearbox and the links look OK to me there as well.

When it is playing up you can normally get reverse by randomly going through the gears and eventually it will let you select reverse. Strangely though the first time it lets you select reverse it goes in really roughly and with a crunch on the gear stick, after that first selection though it will go in and out of reverse as happy as Larry ... until the next time it decides to play up.

Got a horrible feeling the issue is inside the box but I am hoping it is an adjustment or mod. Thoughts please all ...

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